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Diamond Pearl Rings

The luxurious lustre of pearls and the dazzling sparkle of diamonds is a match made in heaven, and nothing shows off this perfect partnership better than pearl and diamond rings. Diamonds bring out the best in quality pearls, creating remarkable rings that are a pure pleasure to wear. What better way to make your proposal than with a luxury ring that features not one but two of the world’s finest and most sought after gems? How could she refuse?

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Guaranteed conflict free

We’re aware that many of our customers have concerns about humanitarian issues in the diamond trade. That’s why we insist that all diamonds used in our diamond and pearl rings are certified, in writing, to be conflict free. This means you can enjoy your jewellery with a conscience that is as clear as the stones themselves.

Diamond pearl rings

Our diamond pearl ring selection brings you a delightful choice of styles, including Tahitian black pearls, large white South Sea pearls and the finest Akoyas. Whether you’re choosing for yourself, or as a gift, you’ll find our choice and our value hard to beat.