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Baroque Pearl Bracelets

Baroque pearls have a charm that is all their own, reminding us of the natural way in which these precious gems are born. Well-matched baroque pearls look simply stunning when brought together on a baroque pearl bracelet, adding a whole new level of eye-catching interest. While they may not be round, they still have all the other qualities that you know and love about pearls, including a lustrous shine and a smooth surface – often for substantially less.

Beautiful baroque pearl bracelets

Baroque pearls range from unusual free-form shapes to near round pearls with rings or ridges, and the art is to match them with similar pearls to create a bracelet of pearls that work together. It’s a time consuming process, but well worth the effort when you see the stunning results.

The beauty of pearls for less

Baroque pearls are so well suited to pearl bracelets that they open up the enjoyment of beautiful pearls to everyone, bringing even majestic Tahitian pearls within your price range.