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Multi-Strand Pearl Bracelets

Multi-strand pearl bracelets can double or even triple your enjoyment of your pearls, with two or three strands of stunning lustrous pearls instead of one. Choose from plain or punctuated parallel strands in the classic style, with quality silver or gold fittings, or choose a fashion forward look with twisted strands of chunky baroque pearls in pure white or eye-catching colours. Whatever your look, we have a multi-strand pearl bracelet to match.

Matching pearls, matching strands

The skill of matching the pearls within a strand is even more important when you also have to match the separate strands together. At Absolute Pearls, we take the time to select strands of pearls that sit together in perfect harmony, creating a pleasing overall effect that is much more than just the sum of its parts.

Impressive multi-strand pearl bracelet gifts

Multi-strand pearls multiply the impact of your pearl bracelet gift, especially when they come beautifully boxed and gift wrapped ready to present.