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Choosing Other Pearl Jewellery

It goes without saying that pearl necklaces are the classic way to wear pearls, but pearl jewellery doesn’t stop there. At Absolute Pearls, we offer a wide selection of other pearl jewellery styles, including pearl pendants, pearl earrings, pearl bracelets and pearl rings.

Here is our quick guide on how to choose pearl jewellery.


Pearl pendants can feature a single large pearl, or a collection of pearls grouped creatively in a setting. Single pearls are usually half drilled to accommodate the setting, which can be gold, platinum, silver or palladium, and may be a simple loop from which to hang the pearl, or a more decorative setting including diamonds or other precious stones.

All Absolute Pearls pearl pendants come complete usually with a 17.5 inch (45cm) chain, carefully selected to match the setting, at no extra cost.


As with pendants, cultured pearl earrings can feature either a single pearl or a collection of pearls. Pearl earrings come in two different styles:

  • Pearl stud earrings – usually a single pearl that sits close to the ear lobe
  • Pearl drop earrings – pearls that hang from the ears on gold or silver settings such as teardrop pearl earrings

Pearl earrings can be worn in several different ways, depending on whether your ears are pierced:

  • Post and Butterfly– the traditional pierced ear setting also called 'Studs'
  • Hook – an 'open'  hook which goes through a pierced ear for drop earrings
  • Screws – For non-pierced ears - featuring a screw that tightens to the ear
  • Clip on – a 'sprung' fitting that clips to the ear for non-pierced ears
  • Leverback – a closed type hook that features a sprung lever that opens and closes the hook.


Absolute Pearls offer a wide selection of pearl bracelets in a range of styles. The classic pearl bracelet is a single strand of white pearls, although we also offer double or even triple strands.

As an alternative, pearl bracelets can be crafted combining fewer pearls with lengths of gold or silver chain in between. Some pearl bracelets in this style include diamonds in their design.

The standard bracelet length is 7½ inches (19cm), although some styles are so-called double length, which are designed to wrap around the wrist twice and can also double as a choker. 

Pearl bracelets may be fixed with a variety of clasps, including fish hook, barrel, ring and bar or lobster style.


Absolute Pearls offer an extensive choice of pearl rings, normally featuring a single round pearl in a setting of gold or silver. Pearl rings can be very simple, highlighting the beauty of the pearl, or can include diamonds, topaz or cubic zirconia in their design.

Absolute Pearls pearl rings come in a range of sizes, with each ring normally offered in between two and four different sizes. These rings cannot be altered, so it is important to buy the correct size.


Ring sizes are measured in millimetres and written as a corresponding letter, with the most common size being N or 54.5mm.

The easiest way to find your ring size is to visit your local jeweller, who will find your ring size using specialist tools. Alternatively, you can measure your own ring size. Here are a few tips to help you find the right ring size for you:

  • Always measure your finger at the end of the day, when it is at its largest
  • Never measure your ring size when your fingers are cold
  • If your knuckle is wider than the base of your finger, measure both and use the size in between
  • If your knuckles are smaller than the base of your finger, take a half size off your ring size for a safer, snugger fit
  • Your two hands will be slightly different, so make sure you measure the correct finger


Many of our pearl necklaces, earrings, rings and pearl bracelets are designed to complement each other. Some are even offered as complete pearl jewellery sets, with savings of around 5%-10% on the cost of purchasing the items separately.

To help you find matching pearl jewellery, each product page includes suggestions as to which pearl jewellery each product looks great with. If you are unsure what to choose, please feel free to contact us.

As part of our pro-active customer service, if you place an order for multiple items, and we think you are trying to make up a matched set, we will contact you if we feel that the items do not reasonably match.