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Pearl Button Earrings

Button pearls are ideal for stud earrings, presenting a smooth, round front, with a slightly flattened back that sits comfortably on the ear. To the untrained eye, they look every bit as beautiful as much more expensive round pearls, with the same delicate shades and rich lustre – only your bank manager will know the difference. Great value pearl button earrings are ideal as Christmas or birthday gifts.

Picking the plumpest

While others settle for flatter, squashed buttons, at Absolute Pearls, we pick only the plumpest examples that resemble round pearls from a front view. These make for delightful, and very affordable, pearl stud earrings that easily fool a passing glance.

Pearl button earring gifts

With large sized, smooth surfaced pearls in a range of enchanting shades, pearl button earrings make an impressive gift that delivers a high impact at a comparatively low cost – even in white or yellow gold. Check out our clip on styles for younger wearers without pierced ears.