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Freshwater Pearl Black Stud Earrings 7.5-8mm On 9K White Gold

Product Code: AB560E9W
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Freshwater Pearl Black Stud Earrings 7.5-8mm On 9K White Gold

Product Code: AB560E9W

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  • Description

    These very high lustre AAA freshwater pearl earrings are fitted with premium butterflys and posts which feature a much higher gold content than usual. These fine quality pearl earrings offer 'pearl luxury' and superb value!

  • Product Details

    Product Type:Earrings
    Earrings Fittings:Premium Posts & Butterflys (Studs)
    Earrings Style:Pearl Stud Earrings
    Gold Mark:375 (9K Gold)

    Gold Mark

    For items under the UK legal limit for official Assay office hallmarking, our precious metals bear the production factory marks of:

    925Sterling Silver
    92518K Gold Vermeil – Sterling Silver & 18K Gold
    9K or 3759 carat solid gold
    14K or 58514 carat solid gold
    18K or 75018 carat solid gold
    Metal Weight:Approx. 0.7g
    Pearl Colour:Black

    Pearl Colour

    Pearls are categorised using 'body colour' and refined with 'overtone' and 'orient'.

    Overtone is the minor second colour/glow often seen on the surface pearls, in particular silver and pink overtones.

    Iridescence or orient (a rainbow of colours) can sometimes be seen on baroque pearls and is an optical effect much like oil films. (The same on the inside of an oyster shell i.e. Mother of Pearl).

    FreshwaterNatural white, pink/peach and lilac/lavender. Other colours are colour treated.
    Akoya SaltwaterNatural white. Most others are colour treated. Silver/pink overtones.
    TahitianNatural blacks/greys/silvers. Large overtone range.
    South SeaNatural white and golden/yellow. Mainly silver overtones.
    Pearl Grade:AAA

    Pearl Grade

    For clarity, we often add additional notes to the grading of our products.

    AAAVery high to excellent (Bright & sharp)Excellent to excellent AAA (Blemish-free to minute surface characteristics)Round
    AA+High to very high (Bright & near sharp)Very good to excellent (Blemish-free to minute/minor surface irregularities)Round
    AAVery good to high (Bright but not sharp)Very Good (Minor surface irregularities)Round / Almost Round
    Pearl Lustre:Very High AAA

    Pearl Lustre

    The ability to reflect light or the shininess of the surface of a pearl.

    This grading is ONLY for the lustre of pearls and NOT for the overall grading which includes the pearl surface and shape.

    We use a combination of descriptive wording and lettering for our symmetrical pearls. Description and GIA Terms refer to the Gemmological Institute of America's pearl grading system which is one of only a few internationally recognised pearl grading systems.

    Grading systems are designed for symmetrical pearls e.g. round, drop and button pearls and NOT for any type of baroque or non-symmetrical pearls. Where we provide an overall grading, we use the widely used and accepted A – AAA grading system where marketing/grading terms such as AAAA & AAA+ are equivalent to our AAA grade.

    Our TermsMarket EquivalentDescriptionGIA Terms
    Very High or ExcellentAAA/AAA+/AAAAReflections appear bright & sharpExcellent
    HighAA+/AAABright and near sharpVery Good
    Very GoodAA/AA+Bright but not sharpGood
    GoodA+/AAWeak & blurredFair
    PoorADim & diffusedPoor
    Pearl Overtone:Black

    Pearl Overtone

    Pearls are categorised using 'body colour' and refined with 'overtone' and 'orient'.

    Overtone is the second colour/glow often seen on the surface pearls, in particular silver and pink overtones.

    Iridescence or orient (a rainbow of colours) can sometimes be seen on baroque pearls and is an optical effect much like oil films. (The same on the inside of an oyster shell i.e. Mother of Pearl).

    FreshwaterNatural white, pink/peach and lilac/lavender. Other colours are colour treated.
    Akoya SaltwaterNatural white. Most others are colour treated. Silver/pink overtones.
    TahitianNatural blacks and greys. Huge overtone range.
    South SeaNatural white and golden/yellow. Mainly silver overtones.

    Typical overtones for white pearls are: silver, cream and pink/rose.

    Typical overtones for black pearls are: Aubergine, blue, green and peacock.

    Pearl Shape:Round

    Pearl Shape

    Typically, round pearls are far more expensive than other shapes.

    GIA Shape TermGIA Description
    RoundAppears round to unaided eye
    Near roundSlightly elongated or flattened round
    OvalSymmetrical, rounded and oblong
    ButtonSymmetrical, rounded and flattened
    DropSymmetrical, rounded and pear shape
    Semi-BaroqueNot quite symmetrical, off round, slightly irregular drop, button or oval shape
    BaroqueIrregular in shape, no apparent symmetry

    Keshi, coin, flat, circled and ringed pearls may be symmetrical, semi-baroque or baroque depending on their nature.

    GIA = Gemmological Institute of America's pearl grading system

    Pearl Size:7.5-8mm

    Pearl Size

    Most pearls are measured in half millimetre sizes e.g. 7-7.5mm although baroque pearls and large Tahitian and South Pearls are often measured in full millimetres e.g. 9-10mm.

    Round / Button PearlsAcross their diameter
    Drop / Oval PearlsAcross their width (not top to bottom – usually the shortest measurement)
    Baroque PearlsAcross the longest part range approx. e.g. 9-10mm or the length and width range e.g. 8 x 6mm

    The 'average' pearl size of Freshwater and Akoya pearls is 6.0mm to 7.5mm although the typical popular size range is from 6.5mm up to 8.5mm. Prices rise exponentially from 7.5mm and up.

    Tiny3.0mm to 4.5mm
    Small4.5mm to 6.0mm
    Average6.0mm to 7.5mm
    Medium-large7.5mm to 8.0mm
    Large8.0mm to 10mm
    Very large10mm plus

    The 'average' pearl size of Tahitian and South Sea pearls is 9mm to 11mm with the popular size range being similar. Prices rise exponentially from 10mm/11mm.

    Small/Starting Size8.0mm to 9.0mm
    Average9.0mm to 11mm
    Large11mm to 13mm
    Very large13mm plus
    Pearl Surface:Excellent AAA

    Pearl Surface

    As pearls are cultivated in 'live hosts', the vast majority have some sort of natural marks much like humans. The number and severity of those marks reflect the grading and the price. It is rare to have perfectly spotless pearls however as even a very minute mark could be found on most.

    We use a combination of descriptive wording and lettering for our pearls. Description and GIA Terms refer to the Gemmological Institute of America's pearl grading system.

    As pearls vary somewhat, we may also put written qualifiers for additional description.

    Our TermsMarket EquivalentDescriptionGIA Terms
    Excellent AAAAAA/AAAABlemish-free to minute surface characteristics)Clean
    ExcellentAAA/AAAABlemish-free to minute/minor surface irregularities-
    Very GoodAA/AAAMinor surface irregularitiesLightly Spotted
    GoodA+/AANoticeable surface characteristicsModerately Spotted
    PoorA/A+Obvious surface irregularitiesHeavily Spotted
    Pearl Type:Freshwater

    Pearl Type

    There are four main types of cultured pearls:

    Freshwater Pearls--Predominantly from China
    Grown in large mussels-Main size range 4mm to 12mm
    Hyriopsis Cumingi and others--Natural white, pink and lilac colours
    Wide quality and price range--Round, drop and baroque shapes
    Akoya Saltwater Pearls-Origin Japan and China
    Grown in 'Akoya' oysters-Main size range 4mm to 10mm
    Pinctada Fuctata-Predominantly natural white colour
    The 'traditional' pearl-Mostly round shapes
    Tahitian Saltwater Pearls-Origin French Polynesia (Tahiti and region)
    Grown in 'black lipped' oysters-Main size range 8mm – 14mm
    Pinctada margaritifera-Naturally 'black/grey' coloured
    Premium large black pearls-Round, drop and baroque shapes
    South Sea Saltwater Pearls-From Australia, Indonesia & Philippines
    Grown in 'silver or gold lipped' oysters-Main size range 8mm – 16mm
    Pinctada Maxima-Natural white and golden colours
    The ultra premium 'Queen' of pearls-Round, drop and baroque shapes
    Precious Metal:9K White Gold (Solid)

    Precious Metal

    Absolute Pearls offers a range of precious metals including:

    (These are world-wide standards and specifications for silver and gold jewellery).

    Solid 375 or 9K GoldA gold alloy containing 37.5% pure gold
    Solid 585 or 14K GoldA gold alloy containing 58.5% pure gold
    Solid 750 or 18K GoldA gold alloy containing 75% pure gold
    Solid 925 Sterling SilverA silver alloy containing 92.5% pure silver
    Gold VermeilThick gold plating (min. 2.5 microns) on sterling silver
    Product Code:AB560E9W
  • Delivery & Returns

    UK Delivery (from our UK base)

    All orders include FREE SECURE UK home or work delivery. Upgrades/Saturday delivery options available on the Basket page.

    We use Royal Mail services:

    Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For – for orders up to £99:

    • Next working day service but not guaranteed and typically 1–2 working days delivery (allow 1-5 days during Nov & Dec for Xmas delivery)
    • You may upgrade to Special Delivery at checkout for £5.00

    Royal Mail Special Delivery – for orders over £99:

    • Next working day delivery (allow extra day or so during Nov & Dec for Xmas delivery)
    • 99%+ on time service

    Orders received by 3pm on a working day are dispatched same day.

    International Delivery

    We use Royal Mail International insured services to EU countries £10.00 excl. tax (3-5 days) and non-EU countries £15.00 excl. tax (5-10 days).

    Detailed delivery information available here.


    You may cancel your order within 46 days after receipt of goods/attempted delivery and request a full refund or exchange subject to our Returns and Exchanges policy. Pierced earrings must remain sealed to be returned.

    See cancellation/return terms here.

  • FAQs

    Is Absolute Pearls a pearl jewellery specialist?

    Yes – We are a leading premium online pearl specialist based in the UK and trading since 2003.

    What are Freshwater pearls?

    What used to be known as the 'rice krispie' pearls of the 1980s have transformed to rival the famous Akoya pearls. Freshwater pearls are cultured in hand sized mussels in lake farms and are known for their wide range of shapes, sizes, colours and quality. We offer a large range of Chinese freshwater pearls from amongst the best available.

    What are baroque pearls?

    Baroque pearls are non-symmetrical pearls. They offer attractive and interesting free form 'nugget' shapes and allow you to wear fabulous pearl jewellery for a lot less spend than round pearls.

    Do you supply a Certificate Of Authenticity and Warranty?

    Each pearl jewellery purchase comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and 12 month Warranty.

    Can I request a shorter or longer version of a necklace or bracelet?

    Yes, we offer free custom shortening of most strung items. (Allow extra few days for dispatch). Just request in the checkout 'order & delivery' notes (the spare pearls are provided and returns are still eligible). For longer versions, please email your request first before placing order. Pro-rota charges apply and returns eligibility is item dependent.

    Can I have a different clasp?

    Email or call for advice. Additional charges may apply. (This can delay dispatch by a few days).

    Are your pendant necklaces available without chains?

    Yes, if you wish to purchase without a chain, please email or call us for the ‘without chain’ price.

    Do you offer shorter or longer chains for your pendant necklaces?

    Please email with your requirements. Do allow 5 - 14 days additional delivery time.

    Do you offer a free Presentation Case?

    All products have photographs showing the presentation cases they are presented in free of charge. Many of our deluxe products come in an exquisite wood style case to ensure superior presentation.

    Do you offer a gift wrapping and message service?

    Yes, gift wrap service is available on request in checkout.

    Will you send a gift direct to the recipient for me?

    Yes we can, both in UK and overseas. Enter their details in the 'delivery address' field in the checkout. Don't forget to request gift wrap and a message also.

    Are your diamonds conflict-free?

    All our diamonds are certified conflict-free by our supplier.

    Is your sterling silver and gold hallmarked?

    All our precious metals are hallmarked at an UK Assay Office in line with UK Legislation. Items under the hallmarking thresholds are stamped by the manufacturing factory. Most of our 925 solid sterling silver jewellery is rhodium plated for tarnish resistance and enhanced quality.

    Can I change the colour, pearl shape or other aspect of your products?

    Yes, in some cases. Just complete our feedback form or call us for advice.

    Can you help me to match with something I already have?

    If you are trying to match with an existing piece of pearl jewellery, please email a photo of your item or call to discuss colour matching.

    Are your prices fully inclusive?

    Our prices are fully inclusive of UK VAT and UK Delivery. EU and international deliveries require additional postage available at checkout. VAT will be deducted for international shipments.

    Are your pearl sets cheaper than buying individually?

    Regular prices of our pearl sets are typically around 2-4% less than buying individually. It may sometimes be less expensive to buy individually if a component is on sale.

    What if I have any special requests?

    Any requests about your order can be entered in the checkout 'order & delivery' notes. (example requests: Shorten to 16", delay dispatch until Tuesday) Call or email us with any pre-order requests.



    Telephone: 0151 625 7688

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