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Pearl Matching Service


Part of the beauty of pearls is their natural variety of shade, shape and surface, however this can also make it hard to find pearls that match your existing jewellery.

At Absolute Pearls we’re happy to use our years of experience help you find the perfect matching pearls. Simply get in touch with us by phone or email, or better still send us a picture of your existing pearls, and we’ll offer some suggestions that match both your pearls and your budget.


We want you to be delighted with your pearls, and to wear them with pride. So if we think you are putting together a set of pearl jewellery that does not really match, we will always get in touch to point this out and offer advice. Often we can recommend more suitable items in the same price range that will work much better together.

Of course, you can avoid mismatches by selecting one of our many pearl jewellery sets. Each set has been expertly matched to work in perfect harmony. What’s more, all sets come with a typical saving of 5% compared to the cost of buying each item individually.


If you plan to buy matching items for different occasions, such as a birthday and then Christmas, then we strongly recommend you buy them together, as matching is much harder at a later date.

If you do split a set we will always record your purchase, and may still have the matching item at a later date, however this cannot be guaranteed.