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Our History


Just like the precious freshwater pearls we sell, Absolute Pearls was created in Shanghai, China, back in 2002.

Surrounded by the vast pearl markets. we became captivated by the beauty and majesty of these unique natural gems. This inspired us to set up a business to make this lustrous jewellery available to as many people as possible.

In 2003, our vision became a reality, as we moved back to the UK and began trading online, offering a select range of high quality cultured pearls from our base on the Wirral.

In 2003, our first website had just 135 products, mostly necklaces, bracelets and earrings. However, as word spread about our high quality and affordable prices, our popularity started to grow, and our range grew with it.

By 2005, we had more than doubled the number of products to include over 350 pieces, adding lustrous Akoya Pearls and luxurious Tahitian Pearls to our freshwater pearl collection. By 2007 we’d added another 250 styles and options to complete the range, which now included everything from classic, single string necklaces to pearl cufflinks and charms.


With pearl buying experience since 2002 and a growing reputation as one of the UK’s leading pearl jewellers, we now have the buying power to offer better value than ever before.

Today we offer a comprehensive product range from fine freshwater and Akoya pearls to magnificent South Sea pearls and splendid black Tahitians. Ten's of thousands of customers have now been delighted with exceptional value and unrivalled service.

Yet throughout our growth, the philosophy behind our business has stayed exactly the same - to make the beauty of pearls available to as many people as possible by offering dependably high quality at affordable prices.

Take a look at our range today and discover for yourself why people choose their pearls from Absolute Pearls.