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Pearl Pendants

Featuring the pick of our pearls in the perfect stand-alone style, our stunning pearl pendants showcase the natural beauty, luxurious lustre and near flawless finish of our largest and most treasured pearls. Every pearl pendant is personally selected to shine on its own, from the finest freshwater pearl pendants, to Bohemian black pearl pendants, and each is matched with a pearl pendant necklace chain, so you can start wearing it straight away.

A selection of hand picked radiant pearls set in high quality fittings to create a stunning pendant necklace.
Smooth and magnificently lustrous, Akoya pearls are a sign of world-class quality and discerning taste.
There is no better way to showcase a breathtaking black Tahitian pearl than in a pendant necklace.
Enjoy the eclectic look of black pearls for less with a superb selection of black Akoya and freshwater pearl pendants.
A freshwater pearl pendant is a traditional first wedding anniversary gift to show your love.
Some of the most exquisite pieces in our collection, these are masterpieces of intricate eye-catching jewellery.

Stunning single pearl pendants

Some pearls are just so beautiful that they deserve to stand apart, to be enjoyed alone in all their flawless glory. Pearl pendants show off our best pearls at their best, appreciated from every angle, with a choice of stylish settings, from simple single pearls to sparkling pearl and diamond pendants.

Our finest pearls

Even the most exclusive and expensive pearls have a natural variety in finish and shine. That’s why we hand pick only the very best for our pearl pendants. So whether you’re investing in a magnificent, oversized South Sea pearl pendant, a shimmering Tahitian pearl pendant, or simply choosing the best of our affordable freshwater pearl pendants, you are guaranteed a near-perfect pearl that deserves pride of place.