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Pearl Pendants & Earrings

Pearl pendants make the perfect partners for pearl earrings, creating an effective set that really showcases the beauty of your pearls. Match simple pearl pendants with studs for an understated classic look, or combine intricate pendant fittings with matching drop earrings for a more flamboyant feel. We match our gems carefully to create pearl pendant and earring sets that sit so well together, and you could save between 5% and 15% compared to buying each item individually.

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Matching pearl pendants and earrings

At Absolute Pearls, you can count on the highest quality right across our range, so you can combine most pearl pendants and pearl earrings with confidence. However, if we feel you are bringing together pearls that may not work so well, we will always give you a call to offer our advice.

Gift sets

We keep a record of all our transactions, so if you would like to add a pair of pearl earrings to a pendant you have bought previously for someone, or vice versa, we can usually trace the second part of your set for you. Just ask our friendly team for their advice.