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Tahitian Pearl Rings

Big, bold and dark, Tahitian pearls were made to take centre stage on a splendid pearl ring. Elegant, extravagant and eclectic, Tahitian pearl rings leave no doubt as to your style and status, especially when they are finished with sparkling diamonds in a fabulously flamboyant fitting. Every pearlaholics dream, these are rings that can't fail to be noticed and simply demand to be envied and admired, not just by those who know pearls, but by anyone who appreciates beautiful things.

Top class Tahitians

The glamorous gems from the exotic lagoons of French Polynesia are known the world over for their impressive size and exquisite shades. At Absolute Pearls, we select some of the best available for our Tahitian pearl rings, guaranteeing a rich lustre, smooth surface and near round shape every time.

Breathtaking Tahitian pearl rings

If you're looking for a gift that will leave her truly breathless, a Tahitian pearl ring is hard to beat. Precious, prestigious and peerless, nothing quite compares to these magnificent, majestic gems.