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Wearing Your Pearls

Pearls need to be worn! Not just because they are beautiful and complete almost any outfit in stunning style, but because your pearl jewellery will actually benefit from contact with your skin. While pearls may appear hard and shiny, the surface of a pearl is actually quite porous, and will absorb the natural oils from your body. If pearls are not worn every four months or so, they can dry out and become dull and yellowed.

Last on first off

Unfortunately, the same absorbent surface can work against you when it comes to other substances. Pearls are vulnerable to many of the chemicals found in perfume, hairspray and beauty products, which can damage the surface and rob your pearls of their lustre.

That’s why the most important rule for wearing pearls is ‘last on, first off’. Always wait at least five minutes after your hair and beauty regime before putting on your pearls to minimise their exposure, and at the end of the night, always remove your pearls first before you use any make-up remover or skin care products.

Protect your pearls

If you love your pearls, you may want to wear them as much as possible, but there are certain times when wearing pearls is best avoided. Pearls do not like strong heat, so never wear them while sunbathing. You should also avoid getting them wet, as this can weaken the silk thread, so take of your pearls before your bath or shower. Never wear pearls while swimming, as the chemicals in the water will cause serious damage.

Although a little of your skin’s natural oils is good for your pearls, excessive sweat can damage them, so try not to wear your pearls when playing sports or in any other environments where you may perspire.

Never Get Them Wet

You should always take steps to avoid getting your pearls wet, as this can weaken the pearl thread and lead to darkening of the thread, unsightly stretching and even breakages. Never wear your pearls in the bath or shower, and always take them off and store them safely before going into a sauna or steam room.

Never wear pearls while swimming in a swimming pool. Not only will the water damage the silk thread, but the chemicals in the water will also cause serious damage to the pearls themselves.